Broward County Sheriff's Bomb Squad Demonstrates Dangers of Fireworks

It's amazing how many people are injured by fireworks each year despite the warnings and laws against certain types of fireworks.  Please be careful.  Check out this demonstration by the Broward County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad.  I remember the time the neighbors held a big celebration in our cul-de-sac. 

There was lots of alcohol, children running a muck, and an ample supply of questionable fireworks.  We could deal with the noise (almost) and all the hoopla, but when burning shards of firework remains started falling onto our house and into our fenced yard, that was it!  

It was truly like a war zone.  We scrambled to put them out before they caught stuff on fire around the house.  The next day we made the adults come down (that's right, they didn't even live right there!) and clean it all up.  They weren't happy, but then again neither were we!  It was all fun and games until they tried to burn our house down. not only safe...but courteous, please!

Click here for the rules in Palm Beach County.

Photo: Getty Images

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