Train and Hall & Oates Rock the BB&T in Sunrise!

The concert was awesome!  It was basically like watching 2 concerts in one night.  A full Train concert, which was really great...and then a no holds barred, pull out all the stops Hall & Oates concert.  They even brought Pat Monahan (lead singer from Train) back out to sing a few more songs...including an amazing version of Calling All Angels, and a song that he and Daryl wrote just for the tour.  The two of them sing remarkably well together.  I've included a clip below from the 'Daryl's House' TV show where the two peformed together.  They apparently "clicked" so well during the show that they decided to tour together.

I did a few Facebook Live videos if you want to check them out below.  Wish the camera was better, but it's not too bad.  I was watching some others film and it looked a lot better on theirs!  Now I have phone envy.  Guess I need to upgrade my iPhione 6s -Ha-Ha!  

Also check below for links to listen to Train and Hall & Oates radio from iHeartRadio so you can relive the concert!  

Here's Train performing 'Hey, Soul Sister" at the show.

Here's Hall & Oates doing 'Private Eyes'.

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