Indiana Girl With Cancer Is Selling Bracelets To Survive

14 year-old Olivia Stoy is raising money to help pay for her cancer treatment.  She won't survive without a bone marrow transplant. Luckily her brother's a match, but it's a procedure her family and insurance can't  cover.  She plans to help others with any additional funds she might raise.  What a brave girl.  

I can't imagine being a child and having cancer.  I worked in Orlando for a number of years and our radio station conducted a Radiothon every year.  We interviews hundreds of kids, and they never ceased to humble me with their strength and courage.  I miss those days in the hospital helping kids.  We did a lot of good, and raise money for research.  Plus we gave the kids (and their parents) a chance to tell their stories.  something I will never forget.  So that's why this little girl really touched my heart-and I wanted to share her story and what is happening with her now.

Photo Credit: Getty Images