Krispy Kreme Brings Back Birthday Cake Donuts.

mmmmmm...donuts!  I can hear Homer saying it right now.  Better yet you can taste them!  Krispy Kreme is bringing back a favorite: Birthday Cake Donuts", to celebrate the anniversary of their Cake Batter Donuts.  As Much as I try to eat healthy, I must admit to cheating now and then...okay, even more than that!  Sometimes, on the way into work, I'll buy one of those creme filled, chocolate covered long john's at WAWA.  Have you tried those?  OMG!  You might want to split it with someone...cause it makes my hair tingle.  I haven't tried the birthday donuts yet...but can't wait!  I found a review online from the last time they had these available...thought it was pretty entertaining.  Check that out below.