FHP Trooper Tracks Down Car That Hit Her on Florida Turnpike

I see some crazy things on my hour long drive to work here at the radio station each day, but never anything like this.  My palms were literally sweating as I watched this video.  Miami-Dade County is arguably the home of the states craziest drivers, but wait until you see what this guy does.   This guy appears to intentionally ram an FHP Trooper's car and then tries to get away. Who does that?  Who expects to get away after that?  I have so many questions...

Anyway, what follows is an intense high-speed chase, often along the shoulder of the Florida Turnpike in bumper to bumper traffic.  Debris (chunks of tires, car parts, etc.) flying every which way.  In the end she tracks him down.  YES!!!  Very satisfying to watch if you are ever annoyed by these jerks on the road who think they are hot stuff.  

Photo Courtesy Florida Highway Patrol