The Science Behind Yanny and Laurel and Why You Hear What You Hear

It's no joke...although I swore there were two different recordings when I first heard our Mo & Sally morning show talking about it. Now Science has dissected the science behind the recording.  See if it measures up to how you hear it.  I'm in the Yanny camp.  How about you?  Apparently it means I have "young ears", whatever that means!  In the end it's about half and half.  The original recording was of Laurel, but the professor who cooked this up added some other elements of distortion to make it moe ambiguous.  Darn him!  No we can never hear things the same again.  If you think this is getting crazy...scroll down to the next video.  There is a whole new one that has me stumped.  I can't hear anything but "green needle".  You?  Comment below.