Gator Strolls Through Homes in Port St. Lucie

Imagine a huge Gator casually walking though your neighborhood while you hold a cell phone and take video.  Not sure I would want to be standing there.  Can't those things run when they want to?  the closest I've been to a gator in the wild is when we take airboat rides at Sawgrass Recreation Park near our home in the Fort Lauderdale area.  Of course there are displays, like the one at SeaWorld, where they have all the gators.  But even then they are behind a heavy fence and can't get anywhere near you.  To be out in the open is another matter.  Chances are you could out run him...but then I'd rather not test the theory!  Check out the video below...and also my picture from the airboat.  It was a good gator spotting day!