There's A Croquet Center in West Palm Beach?

So, not running in the society circles, and living an hour south...I guess I miss some things.  Like where we had our quarterly company meeting this past Thursday: The National Croquet Center on Florida Mango Drive.  I used to play all the time as a kid, growing up in Maine.  We had a fantastic yard with all kinds of hazards like rocks and hills.  We played all summer the evening getting bitten by mosquitoes...ha-ha.  It was a family tradition to have competitions (Along with Badminton).   We were super competitive.  It was a blast.  But this Croquet wasn't my parents version with the flimsy wickets and cheap wooden mallets.  These Mallets could do some serious damage!  I supposed it's by design in case you are attacked by, say, wild boars while playing.  Check out the video clip from our game and a few pics below.  "FOUR!"...oh, wrong game sorry.