Check Out Jimmy Buffett's Miami Performance Recorded Live

My wife Chrissy and I had a great time at The Eagles concert Saturday night.  They were AMAZING Saturday at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.  And Jimmy Buffett was great as well.  His guest singer, Caroline Jones live streamed the Buffett performance on her Facebook account.  Caroline was fantastic too.  Check out the entire Buffett show below!  Click here to see more pictures from New Times.  Also, listen to Jimmy Buffett and the Eagles on iHeartRadio and relive the concert...links below.  I was going to Facebook Live and take more pictures, but I saw that Caroline was streaming the show...and by the time the Eagles took the stage I was totally absorbed in the performance.  Unlike the woman in the row in front of us, who did nothing but take pictures and video the ENTIRE length of the concert.  Really?  Just enjoy the show!! I guess I didn't want to be like her...ha-ha!!  Anyway, enjoy the video below.