Warthog Spotted in Ft. Pierce!

There was a strange animal roaming around Ft. Pierce.  They say it was an African Warthog.  Matthew MacArthur photographed the creature near his home.  Neighbors suspect it was an escaped pet.  I remember being scared when I saw a opossum in our backyard last month.  I told my brother about it and he said "DURING THE DAYTIME?" ...apparently they are night creatures and seeing them during the day probably means they have rabies or something.  Yikes!  Can't imagine spotting a Warthog.  They can carry  disease, and can also be aggressive.  Apparently FWC finally caught it...and the ending is not good. But if you want to see the news story click here.  Poor thing, wonder if it had a name?  Definitely a face only a mother could love.