Toilet Paper Controversy: Over or Under?

So it's an age old question. When sliding on a new toilet paper roll, do you leave the paper hanging over...or under? For me there's no question-it's over. What about you? I remember when we were young, growing up in Philadelphia, we had a basement bathroom. The walls were crumbly and whitewashed, so they didn't feel very clean. I never would have wanted to paper to touch that wall before touching...well, you know. So it was naturally the only way to hang it. And it was like that in our one other bathroom on the second floor. Never a debate.

Fast forward to 2018 here at the radio station. I get a new roll out, and hang it over. Then, someone here changes that every time I go in, I have to change it back!! Don't they know the dirty wall story?? ...Guess not! Anyway, just wanted to take a picture of it (now the staff thinks I'm strange-in the bathroom snapping pictures...Ha-ha!) and share my story. Sure, there are more important things in life, but mine would be easier if they would just leave it alone.  Maybe I'm just too obsessive about it.  Maybe I'll just glue it down next time.  Okay maybe not.

Oh...and there is even a 124 year-old patent for the toilet paper roll that shows the right way to hang it...OVER! Click here to take a look.