Spotted This Rat Mom Sticker At 45th and Congress

So I see this sticker on a car in front of me and I'm like "rat mom? What the heck?"  Apparently it IS a thing.  Since then I googled it and there are rat mom decals, rat mom t-shirts and other merchandise available to buy on the internet...and then I found a video (see below) of a cute rat and her baby.  As cute as a rat can be. 

I remember growing up in Philadelphia and my mom was coming to pick me up at the YMCA in Germantown.  It was raining like crazy, and a giant rat the size of a cat came out of the sewer and waddled up the street.  That was definitely NOT cute!  I was terrified it was going to eat me!  

My mom hated rats.  We used to hide a plastic one in different places just to hear her scream!  Ha!  Cruel kids.  One time she got so scared at the rat in under-the-sink the cabinet, that she jumped onto one of the kitchen chairs, screaming.  She used to hide fake roaches in our drinking cups in the bathroom as payback.  But I digress....