Coast Guard Rescues 3 boaters Off Port St. Lucie

Coast Guard GettyImages-625207670

Shout out to the Coast Guard in Fort Pierce for the rescue of 3 boaters who got into trouble off Port St. Lucie this weekend.  Apparently, they had dead batteries and bad communications (see Facebook post below).  Luckily they were able to call for help and get safely back to shore with their vessel in tow.

I have a healthy respect for the sea, having grown up spending my summers along the coast of Maine. It's a humbling experience to stand in a cliff and watch 20 foot seas pound the rocks around you after a storm at sea!  I must admit to getting a little nervous when out of a cruise, or any kid of boat in the ocean.  Glad this worked out okay for these folks.  It's all in a day's work for the men and women of the Coast Guard.  Thanks for your service!

PHOTO: Getty Images

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