Your Ultimate Guide to Our iHeartRadio All Access Weekend

I listen to iHeartRadio every day.  Mostly to listen to KOOL 105.5...but there is soooo much more you can do.  And this weekend you can check it all out for free.  Now, the app has always been free and has TONS of features built in.  But this weekend you can unlock all of the extra features that really make it extraordinary, and the #1 app for music in the country!  

Click here to check out all of the features for free this weekend or just download the app from your app store!  I've included some videos below to show you how to save songs and make stations based on your favorite artists.  

Take a look at everything you can enjoy during iHeartRadio's All Access FREE preview weekend:

•Search for and play your favorite songs and albums on demand•Build personal music libraries: Completely create, control and curate playlists from a library of millions of tracks

•Get access to artist curated playlists: Many of your favorite artists have created playlists for their fans to enjoy

•Listen to your favorite music the way you want, when you want: With no playback cap and the ability to reorder, delete and sequence your playlist experience, as well as manage unlimited playlists

•Feel the freedom of unlimited skips•Access offline listening: Enjoy offline listening and take your music and playlists with you everywhere where you go -- even when you don’t have a data/wifi connection

Yesterday I showed you how to create a playlist.  Now let's see how some of the other cool features work.  Whenever I really love a song that's playing on my iHeartRadio, I hit the "Save" Button.

Create personalized stations based on your favorite artists.  I remember hearing an Ed Sheeran song we were playing and thinking how much I liked the song.  Not only did I save it, I then went to the search and typed in Ed I have Ed Sheeran Radio to listen to when I'm in the mood.  Awesome!...

Here's how I listen when I don't have a connection...or don't want use data:

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