Man's Sacrifice To Send 5 Kids To College Is An Inspiration To All Of Us

If you visit Boston College late at night, when all the students and faculty are asleep, you'll find 63-year-old Fred Vautour working hard.

Every night, between midnight and 7 a.m., Vautour is busy mopping, scrubbing, taking out the trash, and doing all the other jobs that no one else wants to do. And it takes its toll on him. After 23 years on the job he says "You never really get used to working the night shift, but you adjust to it."

Vautour has spent his life working hard at tough jobs like this. He started work at age 14 and never went to college. As he started his own family, he realized that he wanted to work “not just for the money but because you want to be your best at what you do.” And while he's a pretty good janitor, Vautour is an even better dad.

When he started working for the college in the '90s, Vautour was a chef. He learned that the children of Boston College employees can go to the school tuition-free. For a man with a low paying job and five children, this was an incredible opportunity.

And Vautour took advantage of it in the most amazing way.

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