25 Adorable Animals With Completely Unique Markings

Much like humans, our furry friends are unique in both personality and appearance.

Whether they prefer to have their bed in that specific spot next to the couch or they have a marking that makes them stand out from the litter of puppies, we love all these animals for who they are!

These animals get extra bonus points for being completely unique. Their fur, feathers or scales makes them stand out from the crowd and just when thought we couldn't love them any more, they prove us wrong.

1. This One Is Brow-Raising

2. I Must-Ashe You A Question

3. He Will Steal Your Heart

4. Holy Cow

5. Like Mama, Like Baby

6. This Pup Is Clearly An Angel

7. Did Two Birds Get Mixed Here?

8. Am I Seeing Spots?

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Photo: Getty Images


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