Ivana Trump Disses Kim Kardashian, 'Spoiled Rich Kids' In New Book

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Ivana Trump disses Kim Kardashian in her new memoir, Raising Trump, arguing that the reality star opened herself up to getting robbed in Paris last year. The businesswoman also slams “spoiled rich kids” in her book, before insisting her three children with ex-husband Donald Trump “are the opposite.”

In her new book, the first wife of President Trump opens up about her marriage to the former real estate mogul and raising their kids, Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka. The ex-model, however, also gives her candid opinion on a number of other issues, including celebrities. “Kim Kardashian’s father gave her a Mercedes for her Sweet Sixteen,” Ivana writes in the memoir. “Did he think that would keep her close to home and out of trouble?”

The businesswoman goes on to reference Kardashian’s 2016 Paris robbery, during which several masked men held her at gunpoint inside her hotel room. “I felt bad for Kim Kardashian when she was robbed in Paris last year,” notes Ivana. “But then the thieves told the police that she’d made it easy for them. She posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing her $4 million ring, and updated on Twitter where she was staying and what she was doing.” She adds, “I’m not blaming the victim, but the robbers themselves said that they couldn’t have done the job if she hadn’t given them all the information they needed.”

In another section of her memoir, Ivana blasts young people who grew up in affluent families, despite her three kids fitting into that category. “Nothing is worse than bratty, spoiled rich kids, right? You just want to rip the silver spoon right out of their mouths.” She continues, “Off the top of your head, you can probably think of a few adult children of the superrich who’ve thrown tantrums on airplanes, been arrested for drunk driving, made a sex tape, and wasted every advantage they’ve been given.” Ivana, however, goes on to note that her three kids with President Trump “are the opposite,” praising them for their “intelligence, poise, dedication and coincidence,” before taking full credit for raising them.

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