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T.A. Walker

On-Air Weekday Mornings 4 am - 10 am

T.A. started in radio in 1995 (18 years). In 2005 he joined the cast of The Mo and Sally Morning Show. He is the trouble maker of with a happy-go-lucky heart.

There’s a reason people say, “It could only happen to T.A.” Drama and tall-tales follow him around like the plague.

T.A. just bought his first home and loves putting time and energy in to improving it. Just ask him about it he won’t stop talking!

T.A. is the definition of contradictions.

• Being a guy’s guy and a Pottery Barn enthusiast. • Drinking Miller Lite and Juicing• Knows-it-all but is wrong about everything• Love Star Trek/Star Wars and Julia Roberts Movies• T.A. constantly struggles between being a grown-up and a frat-boy. • Fan of the Cardinals, Cowboys, and Broadway Shows• Has a dog that loves him and a cat that loathes him.• Drama queen and a peace maker• Takes a ton of old man pills but kick boxes everyday.• Likes to cook recipes from Coastal Living Magazine and Camping in Missouri with his college buddies.T.A. has won the Kravis Center’s Dancing With The Local Stars, Feast of Little Italy’s Cheese building competition (twice).

T.A. supports the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Rotary Club, Big Dog Ranch Rescue, and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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