Dash-Cam Video of Monday's 747 Cargo Plane Crash in Afghanistan

A 747 cargo plane crashed after takeoff at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan on Monday, killing all seven American crewmembers on board.  Now there's dash-cam footage that allegedly shows it, but it hasn't been authenticated yet.

In the video, the guy with the dashboard camera is driving straight toward the plane, which is on a steep climb.  Then it almost pauses in mid-air, falls out of the sky, and explodes in a fireball, maybe 250 yards in front of him.

Some people are suspicious about the video though, for a couple reasons:  First, the timestamp on it has the wrong date.  But apparently that can happen if it doesn't have a constant power supply.

Second, you can hear sound throughout the video . . . including the driver's dog freaking out at one point.  But when the plane hits, you don't hear a big explosion like you'd expect to.

With that said, it reportedly matches up with how eyewitnesses have described the crash.  The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating.

So far, the best guess is that one of the five military vehicles it was carrying came loose and shifted to the back of the plane, which would have caused the nose to pitch up and the plane to stall.