The West Palm Beach Police Chief says you should feel safe while shopping at the new Palm Beach Outlets, which officially opens its doors on Friday. 

Chief Vince Demasi says mall management took his suggestions when it came to security.  There are several surveillance cameras set up and the parking lot is well lit.  Also, off-duty officers will patrol the area. 

If you're heading out for the grand opening on Friday, or the charity event Thursday night, that allows you to be one of the first shoppers, parking may be a bit of an issue. 

Management says it will be difficult to accomodate parking for the big crowds expected to show up.  The search for a spot could spill over outside of mall property. 

There are 2,400 parking spaces at the Outlets right now.  Once the other two phases of the mall are open, more spaces will become available. 

The Open Doors To Open Hearts Charity Preview Night costs $20 and the proceeds will go to 20 local charities of which you can choose who to give to.  Click Here for a full list of activities leading up to and including the Grand Opening.

Photo: Getty Images