West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio is in Washington D.C., lobbying against the planned extension of State Road Seven.   We spoke with city spokesman Elliot Cohen.

"She's talking to the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, she's talking to the EPA.  She's talking to the federal agencies that think the extension of State Road 7 is a bad idea.  She's talking to other agencies, as well, to try to get their feeling as to where the process is as to permitting."

Cohen says there is an alternative to the path the county has chosen. 

"Basically building a north-south road, but just a little farther west so that it doesn't have such an impact on the water and on the environment."

He tells us the road is proposed to go right through the heart of the city's water supply and right through the Grassy Waters Preserve.

"You're talking about two huge problems...the potential of contamination in the water supply for our city and you're also talking about the impact on the environment by putting a road straight through the everglades preserve.

A sign recently went up near Northlake Boulevard and Ibis, touting the future extension of State Road Seven from Okeechobee Boulevard.

Photo: City of West Palm Beach