We told you about a new web ad from Florida Democrats, attacking Governor Rick Scott about a medicare fraud investigation and ultimate settlement more than a decade ago.  The GOP is firing back against the expected Democratic frontrunner in the gubernatorial race. 

Republican Party of Florida Chair Leslie Dougher tells us Charlie Crist is not the best man to run our state and discounts claims that her party pushed him out.

"It's kind of sad.  Don't you think he should be making up his own mind?  As a true leader, if you have convictions as a person, don't you want to stand on your convictions and what you believe in?  Just sounds like a bunch of excuses to me."

Crist was a republican when he ran for the governor and won the first time, then went independent during his failed battle for a U.S. Senate seat, before joining the Democratic party.

Dougher, who recently replaced former RPOF Chair Lenny Curry, is also pointing out some recent comments made by St. Petersburg attorney John Morgan about South Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  

The comments revolved around the Democratic National Committee Chair's stance on the Medical Marijuana amendment.  He said she should step down and that she is "despised" and an "irritant."Dougher thinks this could be an indication of a bigger problem within the Florida Democratic party.

"Absolutely.  Maybe some internal issues are going on, but I guess you have to ask yourself 'Is this how Charlie Crist feels too?'  John Morgan is his boss and one of his biggest campaign backers."
Photo: Courtesy of RPOF