There's a national story out today that talks about how many doctors have been paid millions of dollars by Medicare.

And the doctor topping the list is right here in Palm Beach County. According to the Palm Beach Post, Doctor Salomon Melgen, a North Palm Beach ophthalmologist whose records were seized last year by federal authorities was paid nearly $21 million from Medicare in 2012, more than any doctor in the country.

The Palm Beach Post reports Doctor Melgen has been locked in a four-year dispute with the government, which determined he was overpaid $9 million for his use of the drug Lucentis for macular degeneration. He has sued in federal court.

The dispute led New Jersey Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez, a long-time friend and recipient of Melgen’s campaign contributions, to speak to federal health officials in 2009 and 2012 about Medicare billing practices. Menendez has said he did not try to intervene improperly.

Menendez received more than $700,000 in direct and indirect campaign contributions from Melgen and has reportedly took Melgen’s personal jets for personal trips to the Dominican Republic. Melgen has not been charged with any crime.

He has offices in West Palm Beach, Wellington, Port St. Lucie and west of Delray Beach.


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