Actor Robin Williams has now been gone for two weeks and the calls are still coming in to a local crisis line.

Patrice Schroeder, spokesperson for 211 Palm Beach/Treasure Coast, Inc. tells us that in the four days after Williams' death, calls to their suicide hotline more than doubled. 

"We were getting people calling in concerned about their own mental health, or concerned about a loved one's.  Or even, we had people just reaching out and wanting to talk to somebody to wish condolensces to the Williams family."

Is it possible that the funny-man's suicide could have saved some lives locally? 

"Just the awareness piece...the fact that there was a lot of media coverage and exposure, which helped people to maybe take that next step.  Reach for the phone and dial the 211 number, and we were there for them.  And we continue to be there for them", Schroeder tells WJNO.

211 is a non-profit organization providing crisis and suicide intervention, along with information on a number of community services and it's available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

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Photo: Getty Images