There might be something in the pool in your backyard that could be dangerous to your child. 

As part of our 3rd installment on staying safe in the water this summer, Anna Stewart with the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County tells us it's part of the "ABCDs of Water Safety."

"D is for drain safety, making sure that children stay away from drains because there are a lot of pool and spa drains here in South Florida that are very dangerous and that can cause suction entrapment.  So we want to make sure that pool owners know where the cut-off switch is for their pool pump."

She says this is where parents need to be vigilant with their kids.

"It's an educational component that you need to tell your kids 'stay away from the drains because they can hurt you.'"

Anna says there is also another solution to this particular concern.

"They actually have new drain covers that can be retro-fitted over the old ones, but we recommend that a pool professional do this.  So you want to call up some of the pool professional companies."

Click Here for more information from the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County.