The governor was in Palm Beach County on Wednesday to promote the $500 million in tax cuts made during this year's legislative session.  While here, he was met by protestors. 

State Representative Lori Berman led a demonstration in front of Autonation Greenacres, as Rick Scott was about to speak, touting the car registration savings he was able to get passed.  The democrat told WJNO that while the governor is claiming "victory" in the wake of the session, he failed to pass any meaningful initiatives that would have benefitted struggling Floridians. 

If Scott fails in his re-election efforts, the next Governor could be Charlie Crist.  Greg Blair with the Scott campaign says that would be bad for the state.  Blair told us that Scott has made improvements during his time as governor by cutting taxes a number of times and creating 560,000 jobs in three and a half years.

Photo: Office of the Governor