We had the opportunity to have an in-studio chat with Paul Mecurio, the Emmy Award-winning comedian who is performing several shows this weekend at the Palm Beach Improv. 

You may have seen Paul on "The Daily Show".  He also has appeared on "The Tonight Show", has his own Comedy Central special and is a regular on "Hannity". 

Much of what Paul spoke with WJNO's Joel Malkin about were current events.  From President Obama's announcement to withdraw troops from Afghanistan to the Donald Sterling saga, the comedic moments roll on during the conversation. 

Listen to it here, and get another taste of Paul Mecurio's sense of humor in the video below, a short clip from one of his previous stand-up acts. 

Then, be sure to see him at the Palm Beach Improv at CityPlace in West Palm Beach tonight and Saturday night. 

Click Here for ticket information.

Click Here to watch some of Paul's podcasts, including one with Paul McCartney. 

In fact, listen about 6 minutes into our conversation, when Paul Mecurio talks about meeting Paul McCartney and he plays the voicemail the former Beatle left for the comedian.  We thought it was pretty cool.


Photo: Palm Beach Improv