With the federal government in a partial shutdown, there are some things that may affect you and many others that may not.  Here is a partial rundown:

U.S. Mail delivery continues.

The U.S. Military and law enforcement continue to operate. 

Social Security checks continue to be paid, but there will be no customer service, meaning Social Security offices will be closed. 

Federal housing and student loan applications will be accepted, but could be delayed for lack of personnel to process them.

National parks will be closing.

You can make a payment to the IRS, but you won't be able to get customer service.  Walk-in centers, like the one in West Palm Beach, will be closed, along with phone hotlines.  The Internal Revenue Service will also not conduct any audits during the shutdown. 

Wildlife refuges will be closed, including Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge. 

Veterans' benefits will be delivered, but claims processing and other administration will be disrupted. 

The Federal Courthouse in West Palm Beach will be open for two weeks, at which time officials will reassess the situation.

The National Hurricane Center remains open and they continue to monitor systems, including one to our South, which has a chance for development.

Air travel is not expected to be delayed, because air traffic controllers and airport screeners are not subject to furloughs.

We had reported on-air that gun permits would not be issued, but have gotten clarification from the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement, which conducts background checks on Florida gun buyers.  You can purchase a gun in Florida today.  Here is the word from Steve Arthur, Communications Coordinator for FDLE:

The federal systems we use to verify that individuals are not disqualified for the purchase of a gun through a licensed gun dealer are operational, and will not be impacted by the current federal government shutdown.  

In rare circumstances, approval could be delayed if a background check determines that further research involving federal information is required by FDLE.  Approximately 95% of checks on firearm purchasers go through within an average of four minutes.