If you're just starting a business, and are looking for help, what would you say to free assistance that's a click away? 

That's what is offered by the business mentoring organization SCORE.  We heard from a West Palm Beach SCORE volunteer, who says they've got people to fit your needs.

"We help people in many many different ways, because we have experts in so many different areas.  For example, somebody much just have a human resources issue.  We have human resources experts.  People who did that for a career."

He says it doesn't matter if you're a business of one person or 100, or how long you've been in business.  They can help. 

"We're a 100 percent volunteer force.  There's 11,000 plus of us around the country and we dedicate our time to help people who are looking to start businesses, people who are in business for a short time, people who are in business for many years.  And we offer free services to assist them."

Bloom says they exist because of the principles of volunteerrism and entrepreneurship.

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