A former Florida crime lab analyst accused of stealing and selling painkillers and other drugs that he was supposed to be testing as evidence has been released from jail on bond.

As a result of this investigation, hundreds of drug-related cases across the state could be compromised.  Joseph Graves began working for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in 2005 and has handled about 2,600 cases, most of which are drug related. Evidence he handled came from 80 law enforcement agencies from 35 counties.
Graves was released from the Escambia County jail on a $290,000 bond Tuesday night.

Graves was arrested Tuesday, a day after he resigned from his position at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement lab in Pensacola. He is charged with grand theft of a controlled substance, 12 counts of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence, and nine counts of trafficking in illegal drugs.

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