If telemarketers have been bugging you, even though your phone number is on the "Do Not Call" list...you're not alone.  Each month, officials at the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services say they get thousands of complaints about just that. 

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The state received almost 4,000 written complaints from consumers last month and "Do Not Call" violations were number one on the list.

More than 600,000 Floridians have signed up for the "Do Not Call" registry.

The legislature also passed a bill this year that would add text messages to the list. 

Meanwhile, the calls you're getting may not be considered solicitations.  Here is some information from the Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services website:

Some unsolicited sales  calls are exempt from the provisions of the law. Solicitors may make calls, when:

    A prior or existing business relationship exists.
    In  response to an express request of the person called.
    From a newspaper publisher.
    In connection with an existing debt or contract.
    A real estate agent responds to  a yard sign or other advertisement.

Furthermore, some solicitations calls are not "telephonic sales calls" as defined in the statute because they typically are not selling a product or service. Generally, these calls are from:

    Charitable organizations seeking donations.
    Political candidates and political parties seeking donation.
    Research or survey companies seeking an opinion.
    Collection agencies trying to locate a debtor or collect on a debt.

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