Police in South Florida have arrested a 15 year old boy for allegedly taking a Girl Scout's cell phone while she was selling cookies outside a grocery store. 

Police said Tuesday they identified the ninth-grader from previous police encounters by viewing the Fort Lauderdale Winn-Dixie store's video surveillance.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 phone was stolen from a Girl Scout during a Sunday night cookie sale. One person distracted the group and the other took the phone that was lying on a table.

The second juvenile who was present has not been charged. The 15-year-old suspect, a student at South Plantation High School, is facing grand larceny charges.

This brings back memories of Palm Beach County's so-called "Cookie Monster".  Stefanie Woods was arrested, when the then-teen stole an envelope containing cash from a Girl Scout outside a Suburban Boynton Beach supermarket back in 2008.  

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Photo: Getty Images