It's the first day of school, and you'll be happy to know that the Palm Beach County School District says it is ready to keep our children safe. 

Officers are stationed at every school in the county.  They trained all summer, preparing on several things, including active shooter situations and keeping kids from joining gangs. 

Every school requires every visitor to sign in electronically at the door and you are reminded that if you take your child out of school early, let school administrators know. 


53 charter schools are welcoming students today...that's six more than last school year. 

The Palm Beach County School District estimates that traditional schools have lost about 3,000 students, while 4,400 new students attend charters.  That comes out to around one of every ten students in the county. 

Charter schools are operated by private owners, but receive public funding. 


There is still some concern about school buses. 

According to our Newschannel 5 partners, 70 percent of the school district's buses broke down at least once last year. 

We've heard stories about some that broke down multiple times, getting kids to class late. 

The district says it has added 110 new school buses, but all but 15 of those are in the south county area, so for the most part the same buses that had issues last year will be running in other areas. 

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