The Stuart Air Show is this weekend at Witham Field.

We spoke with veteran jumper and Port St. Lucie resident Bob Edmiston.  He's the Jump Master with the Air Sports Parachute Demonstration Team. 

In addition to the jumps on Saturday and Sunday, there is a special pyrotechnics jump on Friday night. 

"These pyrotechnics will be strapped to special brackets on each jumpers' they're falling through the sky."

Bob says the day jumps will be spectacular as well.

"There will probably be eight jumpers all at the same time. Four of them will be doing a certain formation. Others will be doing their specialty like swooping into the ground at 70 mph."

The parachute jumps are just one facet of the stunts you'll see at the Stuart Air Show.  There will also be a jet demonstation and your chance to fly in a helicopter, among other things.

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