Some local seven and eight year old golfers, including one with a famous last name, are featured in a documentary about youngsters who are competing for an international tourney.  Also, Hugh Jackman goes medieval.  These films and more are reviewed by critic Hap Erstein with

"Prisoners" - Hugh Jackman plays a different role this time, as the father of one of two girls who are kidnapped.  He catches the guy whom he believes did it, holds him and tortures him.  It's a pretty violent film, but Hap likes it. 

"Battle of the Year" - Looks like the "Step Up" for break dancing.  Got teens?  They may enjoy this one starring R&B/Hip Hop star Chris Brown. 

"Thanks for Sharing" - A star-studded cast featuring Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Ruffalo and Tim Robbins.  It's a drama which Hap says is about a sex addict (Ruffalo).  Enjoy. 

Hap's Art House Pick of the Week

"The Short Game" - A documentary about an international golf tournament for 7 and 8 year olds.  Two of the kids featured are locals.  Allan Kournikova is from Palm Beach, and yes he is the younger brother of tennis star Anna Kournikova.  A Lake Worth girl is also in this movie.