Ultra-slow week at the movies with only one wide-release commercial film, starring Vin Diesel in a character he's already played twice.  Hap Erstein with PalmBeachArtsPaper.com gives us his take that one and two others.

"Riddick" - Vin Diesel stars in the third installment of the "Pitch Black" series, about a serial killer anti-hero in outer space.  Hap says that while the last film, "Chronicles of Riddick" bombed at the box office, the studio still decided to put another film out. 

"Tio Papi aka Uncle Daddy" - This is a South Florida made film that is out in our area only, for now.  It could expand nationally down the line.  It's a family comedy about a Hispanic guy who is already financially struggling, now has to take care of his sister's six young kids after she passes away.  Hap says the surprise in this film is Kelly McGillis, of "Top Gun" fame.  You will not recognize her, but Hap tells us who she plays.  You may have to drive to Miami to see it this week.

Hap's Art House Pick

"Adore" - Naomi Watts and Robin Wright (the former Mrs. Sean Penn) star in a film about two friends who have love affairs with their respective sons.  Yes, the sons are adults, but it's still kind of sick, don't you think?