No huge blockbusters at theaters right now, but the latest "Hobbit" film is coming next weekend.  For now, Hap Erstein with tells us a good number of Oscar-worthy performances are starting to show up on the big screen.

"Nebraska" - Old pro Bruce Dern plays an elderly man who decides to take the 750 mile trip from Montana to Nebraska because he believes he has won a sweepstakes.  Hap thinks Dern will be up for an Oscar, and he also believes former "Saturday Night Live" castmember Will Forte does a great job. 

"Frozen" - The latest animated feature from the folks at Disney.  It features lots of new songs and the young kids and many adults, Hap says, will love it. 

"Philomena" - Expect to see Dame Judi Dench back at the Oscars, at least with a nomination for this film about a woman in search of her birth-son who was removed from her because she had the child out of wedlock.  Her search takes her from England to the strange land known as America.

Hap's Art House Pick of the Week

"La grande Bellezza" (A Great Beauty)