Local hero Angel Soto was handed a check for $6, 435.  It was money raised after we brought attention to his story.

In October 2012, Angel was doing laundry with his family in Boynton Beach when he witnessed a car crash.  He ran over to pull a victim out of his vehicle, when another vehicle sped along, pinning Angel against a truck.  His leg was crushed and it had to be amputated.

Angel Soto now has a prosphetic leg and his aches and pains continue, yet he says he would do it all over again. 

Soto was given a hero award from the Traffic Safety Committee of the Palm Beaches and the committee held an event through three local Chili's restaurants last month.  Some of the money came from donations made by diners, the rest was given in the form of 60 donations directly to Soto through Traffic Safety Committee. 

We spoke with Soto and during the conversation, he said that his kids have questioned his actions that fateful day last year.

"They said 'Dad, why'd you go out there and save that guy and now look at you.' I said, 'you know son, I did the right thing. I felt like if I saved someone's life, it was important for me to do that.'"

Even though he's been offered his security job back, Angel tells us that he can't work because of his injuries.  He is in serious financial trouble and plans to use the donated money to get his family (He has a wife and four children) a home of their own.  Right now, they are all living with Angel's mother.   

Click Here to donate to Angel Soto and his family.

Photo: Safety Council of Palm Beach County, Inc.