This is the week when "Iron Man 3" likely meets its match.  J.J. Abrams is out with the sequel to his "Star Trek" reboot of a few years ago.  Hap Erstein with reviews that one and other new movies.

"Star Trek: Into Darkness" - Star Trek: Into Darkness is the latest action packed thriller from JJ Abrams. The second movie in the new Star Trek franchise left Hap entertained but yearning for more.

"The Ice Man" - Hap warns this movie is not for those with weak stomachs as it is based on the true story of a contract killer.  The Ice Man welcomes back to the big screen Winona Ryder, Ray Liotta and David Schwimmer, with Michael Shannon in the lead role.

Hap's Art House Pick of the Week

"Venus and Serena" Documentary - This movie has large local appeal as it focuses on two Palm Beach Gardens residents. Tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams let the viewer get a more personal look at not only their tennis careers but also the road to their success.