Tonight you are going to see Randy Jackson do what he DOES best.   He will be mentoring the Idols.  You've never seen Idol like this. We will get a behind the scenes look at the coaching the Idols are getting.  They will get hair, makeup, and vocal lessons all in the "Randy Jackson Workshop Experience".  Long are the days of "yo yo dawg"cliché. (Correction at 8:08 Ryan Seacrest will now be handeling the "yo yo dawg" shout outs). Now we will get a look inside the true genious of Randy Jackson.

In the first show we will see Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert mentor the Idols.

AMERICAN IDOL XIII: Contestant Briston Maroney gets advice from Randy Jackson as part of his workshop airing Wed, Feb. 19 (8:00 PM ET live on FOX 29. CR: Michael Yarish / FOX


AMERICAN IDOL XIII: Contestant Brandy Neely gets advice from the AMERICAN IDOL XIII makeup and hair-styling crew as part of the Randy Jackson intensive workshop airing Wednesday, Feb. 19 (8:00 PM ET live/) on FOX. CR: Michael Yarish / FOX

AMERICAN IDOL XIII: Randy Jackson addresses the contestants as part of his intensive workshop airing Tues, Feb. 18 (8:00 PM live) on FOX 29. CR: Michael Yarish / FOX